Between urbanisation and conservation: An Edinburgh perspective

From October 2019 until April 2020, I will be working towards a photography portfolio project around issues of urbanisation and conservation in Edbinrugh, Scotland. This projecy is being supported by the National Lottery, delivered through Creative Scotland.

The idea behind this project is my interesst topical debates within society - health and

wellbeing and climate change and their link to human development.

The subject which I am looking to cover in this photography portfolio is how the City of Edinburgh has managed its development and expansion through the ages; and particularly in the

current context where green spaces vie for space alongside the development of much-

needed affordable accommodation and other public and private facilities.

Although these two aspects are not mutually exclusive, there exists a tension between conservation efforts and urbanisation. It is this tension, through the contrast of green spaces, the

architecture and the people of the city, that I am looking to capture.

Most of my photography experience to date has been based in Edinburgh and this theme

has become very apparent to me. This is which is why I wanted to start a dedicated

photography project to create a portfolio that would shed light on these issues. There are

several elements that I would like to research and portray:

  1. The expansion of city over centuries and years, with the blend of old and new buildings in Edinburgh reflecting its history and development.

  2. How green spaces and residential or mixed developments co-exist or compete for space and the contrast that this creates.

  3. The appearance of technology in cities and in green spaces and how citizens reconcile modern living and green spaces.

Below is an example of the type of photograph that I am looking to capture in this project and I look forward to this project and getting your feedback.

Corstorphine Hill at sunset

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