When a hobby becomes a passion - photography

Updated: Aug 21, 2018


I now understand what it feels like to be passionate about a hobby. Where the first thing you want to do (after a cup of tea or coffee) is grab your camera and venture out, hoping to see something new or exciting to capture.

My second passion : coffee

Soon after I purchased my first camera, I wanted to take pictures of everything: food,streets, the sky...anything. It was like seeing the world from a different lens, quite literally, and giving common items or scenes a new look. And I love that because it changes a bit your philosophy about how you see the world.

As someone who has an occasionally cynical tendency, it is nice to be able to put this behind and try to see the beauty in the world, no matter how trivial. And then this translated into wanting to share  this with other people. 

But in another  sense, photography is very much a selfish pleasure in that it is something I do for myself. It motivates me to go walking in the rain whereas before I wouldn’t have thought of setting foot outside. And it also gets me off my couch after work to enjoy the outdoors whereas I normalily would have wanted to crash in front of TV. 

I would be keen to hear from other people how you came into photography, what brought you there and why do you enjoy it. All thoughts welcome :-)

Happy picture snapping!


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